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NEW CSpring MK2® Automatic CPAP-BIPAP Water Chamber Replenishing System

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Upgrade Your CPAP - BiPAP - APAP Experience with the CSpring MK2® Automatic CPAP - BIPAP - APAP Water Chamber Replenishing System. 

Never worry about not having enough water or the nightly refill hassle!

  • Effortless Integration: Refills and sanitizes your CPAP - BIPAP humidifier chamber using UVC light, eliminating manual refill needs and the nightly hassle of refilling.

  • Simple Setup: Easily integrate the CSpring MK2® into your CPAP - BIPAP - APAP system by swapping out your current CPAP - BIPAP chamber with the one included. Connect the sensor harness and water hose for a seamless experience.

  • Advanced Sensor Technology: Precisely manages water levels for optimal humidification, enhancing your CPAP - BIPAP therapy experience.

  • UVC Light Sanitization: Kills a wide range of pathogens in water, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. It eliminates up to 99.9% of these microorganisms, ensuring a clean and safe humidification environment.

  • Wide Compatibility: Designed to fit a variety of CPAP - BIPAP humidifier chambers, accommodating different water capacity needs.

  • Dual Operational Mode: Enjoy calming ambient light used for night light or switch to lights off mode to suit individual preferences.

  • No Complicated Hoses or Wires: Features easy-to-maintain removable parts, simplifying the upkeep.

  • Eco-Friendly Design: Reduces water wastage compared to manual refilling.

  • Safety and Durability: BPA-free and medical grade materials construction, with a 1-year warranty and a 3-Year extended warranty available.

  • Compact Dimensions: Fits easily into your space with measurements of 7L" x 11H" x 10W".

Discover the upgraded CSpring MK2® Automatic CPAP - BIPAP Water Chamber Replenishing System, your ultimate solution for a large-capacity CPAP - BIPAP water tank that promises convenience and consistent humidity control for your sleep apnea therapy. The CSpring Mk2® is expertly crafted to provide an expanded big water chamber for CPAP - BIPAP users, ensuring a substantial water supply to the CPAP - BIPAP humidifier chamber for enhanced comfort and a significant reduction in dryness that is common with conventional CPAP - BIPAP machines.

Embrace the newest iteration of our innovative system with the CSpring MK2®. We've listened to our users and have infused the latest model with considerable advancements aimed at enriching your CPAP - BIPAP therapy experience. This system is not just a bigger CPAP - BIPAP water tank—it's a technological leap forward with advanced sensor logic controls and a redesigned, robust structure that resolves previous challenges.

Key Features of the CSpring MK2®

  • Enhanced Control: New logic control programming in our sensors enables the CSpring MK2® to meticulously adjust and maintain optimal water levels in the CPAP - BIPAP water chamber, averting spills and ensuring your sleep environment is perfectly humidified for your comfort.

  • Robust Design: With substantial enhancements grounded in user feedback, the CSpring MK2® introduces stronger, enduring sensors that integrate flawlessly with your existing CPAP - BIPAP setup, delivering unwavering reliability.

  • Large Capacity Water Basin for CPAP - BIPAP - APAP: Our system is fine-tuned for efficient water management, guaranteeing that the water chamber, with its generous size, refills automatically, sustaining continuous humidification all night long.

  • Easy Maintenance: We prioritize effortless maintenance. The CSpring MK2® features components that are simple to detach, streamline cleaning, and encourage better hygiene and durability of your system.

At CSpring, our mission is to provide groundbreaking solutions that resonate with the needs of CPAP - BIPAP users. The CSpring MK2® Automatic CPAP - BIPAP Water Chamber Replenishing System embodies this spirit, channeling user insights into tangible enhancements for a dependable, superior CPAP - BIPAP therapy journey.

Included in Your CSpring Mk2®️ Package:

  • CSpring Mk2®️ Aprox. 3L Large Capacity CPAP - BIPAP - APAP Water Tank

  • Customizable CPAP - BIPAP Water Chamber Selection: Choose from a variety of compatible models

  • Sensor Harness (3.5ft)

  • Water Hose (2ft)

  • AC Power Supply

  • Extra Sensor Clips

  • Standard 12 months warranty: Warranty does not cover any third-party products or components, such as CPAP - BIPAP water chambers.

  • Optional extended 3-year warranty: https://cspring.store/collections/accessories


Customer Reviews

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Ron Baird

I have been able to sleep through the night without worrying about waking up to refill my CPAP. The only issue I have is, according to the instructions is to let the pump circulate with vinegar water. the pump shuts off after a few seconds and will not circulate.

Hi Ron, please watch the cleaning tutorial tolearn how to properly use the vinegar for cleaning:

<iframe width='560' height='315' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/wdNsoJ4I6b8?si=QcJY204ZIPN0YIbA' title='YouTube video player' frameborder='0' allow='accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share' referrerpolicy='strict-origin-when-cross-origin' allowfullscreen></iframe>

Catherine Scanlon

I received my Cpap /bipap Water chamber replenishing system in the mail. I was surprised on how fast it came from when I ordered it
The machine works great. I opened it up. Read the directions and plugged in. very simple. no more changing water reservoir in the middle of the night. It’s remarkably quiet. I am very pleased with the purchase.


Super produit pas besoin de penser à remplir l'appareil.
SAV trés réactif

Jeffrey Dean
Yes, this product works very well

I bought one to resolve the RESMED 11 issue of having an undersized humidifier. I eyeballed it for a few months and was optimistic I could submit the receipt to my workplace FSA account and get reimbursed. I did finally buy one as nothing else on the market is as refined/perfected and I was successful in claiming this unit as a "CPAP accessory" and get reimbursed from my FSA account. I am very pleased and highly recommend this product. It totally transforms the Airsense 11 from the worst CPAP I've ever owned (20 year on CPAP/APAP) to one of the best configurations I've ever had.

David Webb
CPAP Water Chamber system - bulky bright and cumbersome

Functionally, the system works great. The problem is that it is very large and the tubes/wires are too short to move it further away (thereby having space on a standard nightstand) for the CPAP machine AND the Spring. If the water hose & wires were longer, I could move it further away. The side-benefit of doing this would be that the bright light coming from the chamber could be further from my face. Instructions say to press the button to turn on the machine and then press it again to turn off the light. However, when I turn the machine on and the water starts to flow, the second I press the button again the light goes off AND the water stops flowing. There is no way of knowing whether it is going to flow again to refill my CPAP. I don’t know why it needs such a bright light in the first place. I’ve had to tape thick cardboard to the unit so that it doesn’t keep me awake. The problem with this is that I have to remove the cardboard before cleaning the unit.
Overall, as I said, the machine works well. It does what it is supposed to do by keeping my CPAP tank filled with water. I just wish it was better. Would I buy it again?…. I’d have to say yes. But I only say yes because a) there is nothing else like it on the market (why in the world are CPAP tanks so small in the first place) and b) it does provide me with the humidity that I require.
I would love to try the new/improved version when/if one is developed by Cspring.

Mr. Webb, each of the issues you mentioned are user error. You can place your CSpring quite far from your cpap by using the longer water hose we have available on our website. To turn off the ambient light you must 'tap' the power switch; not press or push. This is mentioned in the instruction manual.