Spill protection tray for CPAP & CSpring | Cspring™

Spill protection tray for CPAP & CSpring


The CSpring / CPAP spill tray comes with a 2.8"ft stainless cleaning brush; to make the CSpring One® water  hose easy to clean.

• The tray is 12.2" in length and 6.69" wide. It’s made of PP material. It’s Light Weight and Easy to Clean. It’s compact size make sit perfect to host both your CPAP machine and your CSpring One®

• The brush is 2.8” ft in length, with nylon spiral brushes, to make it easy to clean the inside if your CSpring One® water hose.

Customer Reviews

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Spill Tray

I had my CPAP on a simple silicone kitchen mat, but this tray is perfect instead.

mark zalutko

Great unit

Keith Kilburn
CSpring too the rescue

Have used it for the past week and outstanding results. Does as advertised and keeps a constant level in my CPAP all night. Would recommend to anyone who gets up multiple times during the night to refill, but it also takes away time from me filling it up before bed nightly. Construction is great and recommend getting the longer extensions as it helps in placement of the CSpring. Optional tray working out great as well. 5 stars ⭐️

Luke C
Perfect fit

A very well made tray and a perfect fit for the CSpring, it’s great for catching any spills and keeps the CSpring nice and stable.

Aaron Elliott
This is a fantastic tool

This is a fantastic tool. I'm new to CPAP and I've seen many comments about people needing to wake up in the middle of the night to refill their CPAP machine's built-in humidifier tray. I wanted to avoid this hassle from the start of my CPAP journey (especially with the hard to fill standard ResMed AirSense 11 humidifier tray), so I looked around and found a review on YouTube for the CSpring One Mk2 and decided to give it a try. My CPAP machine never runs dry overnight and I feel great when I wake up. I've recommended this product to several family members already. Thanks for engineering an outstanding solution to the CPAP humidifier capacity problem!