Sensor Clips 20 pack | Cspring™

Sensor Clips 20 pack

These self-adhesive clips are designed for attaching the CSpring Mk2 Sensors to your CPAP water chamber, serving as convenient replacement options. Pack of 20 clips.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Perry
Best Sensor clips I have ever used

Every 6 months I get a new humidifier chamber (with insurance copay). I drill a new 11/16" dia hole with a step drill and transfer the tubing connector. I then transfer the sensors and I have never found better clips for the Cspring sensors. These are absolutely the ones to use if you can afford the ridiculously high shipping costs. Too bad I cannot get them through Amazon Prime.

Timothy Morgan

The clips are fine the shipping was 19$ ridiculous

Alice Franceschini
These clips are amazing.

I bought the 20 pack of clips. They work so well. I only need 2 for my setup with my humidifer, which is outside my cpap machine because my Air Sense 10's humidifier worked for about a week than it's broken. So this force me to an outside humidifer. Csping and a F&P water tank with heater. I just hook up the outtake of my Air Sense 10 and attached to the water heater intake and the attached the mask hose to the outtake of the water tank. I did have to adjust it for a day or two but it works great !!!!! Cspring is awesome, easy to set it up and it works flawly. I have water all night with humidifier set on high. The 20 clips are great to have on hand so switching out clips at night or at anytime is no big deal if the need arises. CPAP REVIEWS on youtube has a video showing you how to remove that possible cancer causing foam. There is only one in the whole machine so remove it so you can stay healthy while using your cpap machine.

William McCollum
Must Have

Thanks to the staff for putting up with me as I learn more about sensor placement. The clips are perfect!