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CSpring 4.5ft Long Hose


Tired of having your CSpring Mk2 tethered too closely to your CPAP machine? Our CSpring 4.5ft Long Hose is the perfect solution to give you the flexibility to place your CSpring Mk2 anywhere you desire, even on the floor, for a truly unobtrusive CPAP experience.

Key Features:

1. Extended Reach: With a generous length of 4.5 feet, our hose empowers you to position your CSpring Mk2 wherever it suits you best, ensuring a clutter-free sleep environment.

2. Versatile Placement: Whether it's beneath your bed, on the nightstand, or discreetly tucked away on the floor, this extended hose gives you the freedom to make your CPAP setup seamless and convenient.

3. Premium Quality: Crafted from medical grade silicone, the CSpring 4.5ft Long Hose is durable and built to last, providing you with a reliable connection between your CSpring Mk2 and your CPAP machine.

4. Easy Installation: Setting up your extended hose is a breeze. Simply connect it to your CSpring Mk2 and CPAP machine, and you're ready to enjoy a more flexible and unencumbered CPAP experience.

5. Improved Sleep Environment: By relocating your CSpring Mk2 to a convenient location, you can achieve a more peaceful, organized, and clutter-free sleep space, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

Upgrade your CPAP setup today with the CSpring 4.5ft Long Hose and experience the freedom to place your CSpring Mk2 wherever you desire. Say goodbye to cumbersome connections and hello to a more convenient and tailored CPAP experience.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
mark zalutko

CSpring 4.5ft Long Hose

Albert Biggs
Perfect setup

Great unit makes life a bit easier.

Easy refill

Works great.

Krys Ashlyn
Quick to fix issue

This product has been great to not have to fill up a tank every night. Company is prompt to address any issue It would be nice if there was a way to circulate the water. And maybe a filtering system.

Ty Pivonka
Finally a full Night

My humidifier tank was always empty after 7 hours of use, and as soon as the tank was empty the dry air
Always awoke me. With the addition of the CSpring I get full night of sleep. The only thing I’d suggest is a care and maintenance manual with recommended maintenance and intervals.