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Extension (3.5ft) for sensor harness


Due to limited stock, delivery of this item is estimated to take 3 weeks when ordered.

3.5-foot extension for the sensor harness is currently on backorder. We anticipate that it will be ready for shipping by mid-October. You are welcome to place your order now, and we will dispatch it as soon as it becomes available.

This is an extension designed to add length to the standard 3.5ft sensor harness. By extending the sensor harness, you can place the CSpring One®️ further away from the CPAP machine, including on the floor. To place the CSpring One®️ on the floor, use this extension in conjunction with the 4.5ft water hose, available for purchase on our website store.


Customer Reviews

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Ryan Green
Should be longer and didn't want to connect

3 stars because it does ultimately do what I needed, though it feels quite pricey for what it is. For the price it should be at least a foot or two longer as it barely reaches to my not tall nightstand while sitting the tank on the floor which is the whole purpose. Also the threading seemed to be slightly off on the extension as it really doesn't want to thread on the tank while the original cable works perfectly.

*edit for clarity* I actually bought the hose and cable extension kit, but I was sent the link to review only the wiring extension. I assume this is because while I ordered the kit I only received the hose at first and had to contact support to find out they were actually out of stock of the wiring extension at the time. Support stated that I should have received a note in my package that the wire extension was on back order on would ship at some point in the future. I'm happy enough that the missing part did come within a couple weeks, but I would have preferred they simple show out of stock on the website and let me order when they had stock instead of handling it this odd way.

Ultimately I'm quite happy with the product and accessories and I'm glad they are available as I'm not aware of another solution available that fills the niche, so it makes sense the main product is a little pricey. A short plastic tube and 3 wire cable should be off the shelf components though and not custom made, though I will admit the hose is very high quality and I assume medical grade. I have and will continue to recommend this product and look forward to getting their new cleaning product as well. I will bump my score to 4 stars to better reflect my overall satisfaction with the company and whole product, its not my intention to disparage the company but encourage them to keep improving.

Mr. Green, should you intend to position the CSpring on the floor, a longer hose, available separately, will be necessary. Regarding pricing, it's important to recognize that we are not a large multinational entity like ResMed or Philips. We are a modest-sized business that has dedicated years to developing this device. Despite its seemingly straightforward appearance, the technology is quite complex. Additionally, the device is a niche appliance, not manufactured on a mass scale like other products, which also influences its cost. Imagine pairing your high-quality CPAP with a low-cost device. We'd be wary of using anything costing less than the CSpring. There is immense value in our product. It not only supplies water to your CPAP but also provides peace of mind and better sleep. We invite you to view the 4.5ft hose option on our website.

Robert Perry
This sensor harness extension is top notch.

The best sensor harness extension I have ever bought. I don't think there is any better and I have looked. Believe me. It's the best.
Of course, if I had designed it, I would have used something you could easily buy from Newark, McMaster-Carr, or Grainger and not from China. But, hey, that's me.

Rob Frymire
Great Stuff

Pro: It was what I needed and works as expected.

Con: I wisht the power plug, extension harness both had 90 degree(right angle) plugs. You wouldn't risk breaking these connectors and would reduce space required.

John Latocha
To expensive

Although it was what I needed and it works perfect, I believe it's to expensive.

Jeff Himelick

Works as described