No Ozone! CPAP-BIPAP washer & sterilizer - The RediClean® | Cspring™

No Ozone! CPAP-BIPAP washer & sterilizer - The RediClean®

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Introducing the CSpring RediClean®: The Ultimate Automatic CPAP - BIPAP Accessories Cleaning & Sterilizing System.

9oz Citric Acid Included!

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The CSpring RediClean® revolutionizes the way you care for your CPAP and BIPAP accessories. This state-of-the-art system eliminates the need for manual cleaning by offering an automatic, efficient, and effortless solution to clean, sanitize, sterilize, and dry your PAP equipment and other durable medical equipment. The RediClean does all this the natural way; by using hot pressure water, food grade citric acid and steam; instead of using toxic gases like Ozone ( Activated Oxygen) 

Nothing truly cleans and sanitizes your CPAP - BIPAP hose like the RediClean®. Its innovative design and technology ensure that your equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, ready for a safe and comfortable night's sleep without the use of toxic and dangerous gases like Ozone (Activated oxygen) 

Experience unparalleled ease and peace of mind with these standout features:

    • Powerful Cleaning Performance: Employs high-pressure spray jets to deeply cleanse your CPAP - BIPAP accessories, ensuring every nook and cranny is reached.
    • Unmatched Germ Elimination: Utilizes steam to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, followed by drying with HEPA-filtered hot air for the highest level of hygiene.
    • Generous Capacity: Easily accommodates up to 4 CPAP - BIPAP accessories simultaneously, including a 6ft. hose, headgear, mask, and CPAP - BIPAP chamber. It's designed to be compatible with a broad spectrum of CPAP - BIPAP equipment, ensuring versatile use.
    • Tailored Cleaning Options: Features 5 distinct cleaning modes—Wash-Sterilize-Dry, Wash-Dry, Sterilize-Dry, Sterilize Only, and Storage mode—allowing you to customize the cleaning cycle to suit your specific needs.
    • User-Centric Design: No plumbing installation required. The system includes a removable clean water tank for easy filling and a direct drain hose option for convenience, along with a replaceable HEPA filter to guarantee air purity during the drying phase.
    • Eco-Conscious Cleaning: Designed to consume 50% less water than traditional methods, the RediClean® promotes environmental sustainability while delivering exceptional cleaning results.
    • Safety Assured: Constructed with BPA-free materials to ensure your health and safety during use.
    • Sleek, Compact Build: Measuring 14.88L x 16.22H x 10.83W inches, its compact design integrates seamlessly with your CPAP - BIPAP maintenance routine without occupying excessive space.


  • 12-Month CSpring RediClean® Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with the RediClean 12-month warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship for a full year from the date of purchase. If you encounter any issues with your RediClean system during this period, we'll provide a repair or replacement to ensure your satisfaction. Simple, straightforward, and stress-free—so you can focus on what really matters, your health and comfort.

Elevate the hygiene and maintenance of your CPAP - BIPAP equipment with the CSpring RediClean®. This advanced system not only streamlines the cleaning process but also ensures your CPAP - BIPAP accessories are sanitized and dried to perfection, ready for your next use. Embrace the future of CPAP - BIPAP care with CSpring RediClean® and make your CPAP - BIPAP therapy as effective, comfortable, and convenient as possible.


Customer Reviews

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John D.
Best of the best

I am very happy with how simple and how clean this gets all my cpap equipment. It's very easy and good quality I highly recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect machine.

Love the RediClean!

The RediClean makes keeping my CPAP hose and mask clean and fresh so convenient. You know that wonderful feeling of slipping into a bed made with freshly washed sheets? That’s what your CPAP will be like. It’s amazing!!

Diana Franklin
Excellent customer support

Excellent customer support!



Rony Haswani
will try it!!

nice idea...i like it