3 Year Extended Warranty - CSpring® One


The 3 year extended Warranty will replace your CSpring One®  or its accessories and parts if at any time within the warranty period, the CSpring One® is deemed broken/damaged

Buyer may purchase an Extended Warranty at the time of original purchase or within 30 days of applicable Product Ship Date. The Extended Warranty term, as indicated in the Sales Order Acknowledgement, begins on the day of the order purchase. Any Extended Warranties will expire 3 years after the acceptance Date of the Products, regardless of date of purchase of the Extended Warranty. The Extended Warranty does not cover any third-party products or components, such as cpap water chamber, or any standard maintenance as outlined in the Owner’s Manual.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert Riley
Two thumbs up

It has been a great improvement to getting a good night’s rest. I don’t wake up every two hours to refill the water tank.

Mark Diamond
The unfixable problem solved.

CPAP is supposed to let you get the sleep you need. It's effectiveness is diminished by bathroom visits (no help there) but add the fact that I had to also get up to add water all night and the CPAP might as well be turned off. The manufacturer had tens of thousands of complaints but chose to do nothing model after model. Thank God that this company stepped up to solve that problem. Sleep quality has improved dramatically. Now if they could only solve the bathroom trips. (Grin)

William P
3 Year Extended Warranty - CSpring One?

This is a medical device not having warranty would be a mistake because I got my CSpring One first night using it had problems I called gentleman talk with him about the beeping he said he would send me another one week later nothing happen I called the number it didn't work so... I filled out the review and Victoria called me within hour of talking with her I had a tracking number in my emails letting me know day and time you got understand I don't think Victoria like what was happen and she did something about it talk about appreciation... You should also talk with your Doctor if you keep running out of water and having dry mouth or halitosis sharp chest pains I had problem with server sharp pain in my chest my doctor order a mask refit I went to Melissa Flower RRT RCP sleep therapy technician Sleep Remedies Tulsa Ok because she right off the Tulsa transient bus stop I now have the F@P Simplus mask looks wired but amazing mask So.... in summer get your warranty have problem call Victoria if your having problems with mask talk with your Doctor if don't think sleep technician is helping request different one mask fitment is everthing and request your CSpring One from Victoria and sleep like Sleeping Beauty

L Pollard
I see the CSpring warranty as insurance

I believe in reasonably priced insurance, especially for something that my life depends on. My Bi-Pap machine is a necessary element in my overall health care and it is notably important that it is in good working order. So the 3year extended warranty is a good investment.