3 Year Extended Warranty - CSpring Mk2 ® | Cspring™

3 Year Extended Warranty - CSpring Mk2 ®


The 3 year extended Warranty will replace your CSpring Mk2® or its accessories and parts if at any time within the warranty period, the CSpring CSpring Mk2® is deemed broken/damaged

Buyer may purchase an Extended Warranty at the time of original purchase or within 30 days of applicable Product Ship Date. The Extended Warranty term, as indicated in the Sales Order Acknowledgement, begins on the day of the order purchase. Any Extended Warranties will expire 3 years after the acceptance Date of the Products, regardless of date of purchase of the Extended Warranty. The Extended Warranty does not cover any third-party products or components, such as cpap water chamber, or any standard maintenance as outlined in the Owner’s Manual.

  1. Extended Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with extended protection beyond the manufacturer's warranty period.

  2. Financial Security: Avoid unexpected repair costs, as the extended warranty covers repairs and replacements.   

  3. Convenient Repairs: Receive prompt and hassle-free repairs by authorized technicians, ensuring your device is back in working order quickly. 

  4. No Deductibles: With our extended warranty, there are no deductibles or hidden fees, saving you money on repairs.  

  5. Transferable Coverage: If you decide to sell or gift your device, the extended warranty coverage can often be transferred to the new owner, enhancing its resale value.

  6. Technical Support: Access to dedicated customer support for any questions or issues you may encounter with your device.

  7. Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing that your investment is protected against unforeseen breakdowns and malfunctions.

  8. Comprehensive Coverage: Our extended warranty may cover a wide range of issues, including mechanical failures, electrical malfunctions, and more, providing comprehensive protection for your device.

  9. Product Replacement: In the event that your device cannot be repaired, our extended warranty may offer a replacement unit, minimizing downtime and inconvenience.   

Customer Reviews

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Price variation between website and checkout price.

The website indicated the price for 3-Year Extended Warranty was $59.99. I went to check out and price had jumped to $83.00. Glad I noticed the price difference and cancelled my order.

Ms Castellan, you are located in Canada. The $59.99 is for USD. When you open the website in Canada, you will be shown prices in CAD$ Canadian currency..the extended warranty is $59.99 USD which converts into $83 CAD

Garth Alley
Worth Getting

I am in Australia so this gives me peace of mind.
Garth Alley.

Aaron Phibbs
Quiet and no dry mouth

The greatest failing of all cpap machines especially in dry climate is the running out of water in the middle of the night and leaving the person with dry mouth and an evaporated water smell in the morning. For the last week (how long I've actually had the unit) I have slept better and not woken up to a dry mouth. I had been in the middle of designing my own water system when I found this. It may have been significantly more expensive because of dollar conversion but I'm happy with the purchase and right now I've got the receipt submitted as a medical expense and see if that goes through.

Robert Riley
Two thumbs up

It has been a great improvement to getting a good night’s rest. I don’t wake up every two hours to refill the water tank.